The new normal of coronary artery analysis

CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) is the leading cause of death in the world. Medipixel XAᴬᴵ supports clinicians with real-time, more accurate analysis of the state of stenosis through state-of-the-art deep learning technology.

Medipixel XAAI is a real-world product made for a cath lab. It provides accurate quantitative analysis at unprecedented speed.


No Manual operation.

Real-time analysis in just one second.


State-of-the-art accuracy in vessel segmentation.

Accurate quantitative analysis of lesion.

Interactive UI

Interactive customization of vessel contour, length, lesion, and stent area.

The change is applied and analysis is done again immediately.


Automated vessel segmentation

Analysis starts with high quality vessel segmentation. Medipixel XAᴬᴵ has been trained with thousands of precisely-labeled angiograms, and shows state-of-the-art performance in vessel segmentation. The segmentation is processed immediately and automatically without the need for manual operation.


Lesion analysis

Medipixel XAᴬᴵ computes accurate centerlines, per region length and diameter to provide insightful lesion analysis: finding reference lines for lesion areas and the degree of diameter stenosis. You can change the suggested lesion area easily by dragging and dropping the P(Proximal) and D(Distal) tags on the angiogram interactively.


Stent recommendation

Accurate lesion analysis makes it possible for Medipixel XAᴬᴵ to recommend the optimal stent for the patient. The recommendation consists of location, length, and diameter of the stent. The recommended stent configurations can also be interactively customized: you can extend, shrink, or move the stent.


Automated classification

Medipixel XAᴬᴵ is able to automatically classify input angiograms into vessel types such as LAD, LCX, and RCA based on fully trained AI engine. It can also select the best frame of the input angiogram which has the best view and contrast for the lesion analysis.